About us

Being green is our main mission

Greenmotiv was born from the existing demand for natural, alternative and innovative therapeutic products in the Spanish market. Innovation comes from the active ingredient common to all the products we distribute: cannabis, also known as industrial hemp or hemp.

The benefits of cannabis have not gone unnoticed in a society where more and more mindfullness consumers are concerned about the products they consume, their origin and environmental sustainability.

When we founded Greenmotiv in 2015 our vision was to bring the benefits of Cannabis as a natural therapeutic ingredient to the user. through a complete catalog of natural products derived from the plant with the highest quality, whose benefits could help to significantly improve the quality of life of thousands of consumers in Spain.

At greenmotiv we care for conscious consumers, with a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Because we want to promote hemp or cannabis as a natural, sustainable and healthy resource and raise awareness of its therapeutic, nutritional and global potential.

ANNABIS Natural Cannabis products

Our portfolio of cannabis products

The product range of Greenmotiv consists of 31 products whose formulation base is based on hemp seed oil and extract (
Cannabis sativa seed extract
Cannabis sativa seed oil
) for cosmetic use, both human and veterinary, and a specialized line with a high content of CBD (
one of the plant’s non-psychoactive molecules with numerous health applications.

Our exclusive contracts with two laboratories that are leading suppliers in the development of hemp products in Europe, Annabis y Enectaour regulatory expertise and our specialization in marketing and product distribution in specialized sectors, allow us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers. wide range of products derived from the plant with maximum quality and safety.

We choose only specialized laboratories that meet rigorous quality and safety criteria in order to offer hemp products of maximum reliability, both for the distributor and the end consumer.

Cannabis: health, innovation and sustainability

The Cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) is a natural resource, vegan, sustainable y healthy which, contrary to the ‘demonic image’ commonly associated with it, offers great industrial and economic potential, not only because of its therapeutic possibilities, but also because of the wide range of products derived from it.

Its possibilities in terms of manufacturing and development of derived products range from its application as an ingredient in cosmetics, food in the form of oil, seeds, milk, bran; textile fibers and cordage, paper, biofuel and material for bioconstruction, insulation, and a long etcetera.

Our level of specialization with the plant and its derivatives has allowed us to select, by means of rigorous quality and safety criteria, to the best specialized laboratories for the representation of each product category, while performing a constant pedagogical work on the plant at all levels, from the end user to the prescriber and/or marketer of the product.

ANNABIS Natural Cannabis products

Quality and excellence in service

We want to provide the highest level of customer service, from the end user to each of the actors involved in the commercialization chain in an industry where the Cannabis and the CBD are a booming betThe company is still lacking in this area and there are still gaps and lack of knowledge in this regard.

Our mission is to transmit the benefits and applications of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, duly legalized in Spain and in several European and international countries, in order to get the maximum potential and benefit from its therapeutic properties. For this reason, we provide training throughout the value chain and operate in accordance with the corresponding requirements of the national legal framework and registrations for each product category, operating in a stable and safe marketing environment.

Our team works constantly in the search and innovation of hemp products, both at European and international level, which gives us a broad vision in terms of expansion and growth of hemp as a natural resource, currently booming. If you are interested in distributing your brand, contact us and we will be happy to assist you personally.