CBD Webinar Training Series

CBD Training: free online technical training sessions

A training composed of several online sessions, aimed at all those professionals interested in expanding their knowledge about Cannabis, CBD and other ingredients derived from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant specially formulated for health care and natural wellness.

A particularly valuable content for all those health professionals (pharmacists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, health visitors…) focused on a natural care alternative with Cannabis products.

In them, we review the most frequently asked questions about the products, active ingredients, recommendations for application and use, dosage… We want to provide all the useful, updated and accurate information necessary to offer good advice and personalized recommendation of therapeutic Cannabis and CBD products to your customers, and we want to do it in a comfortable and direct way, to support you in the best way with the introduction of this new category of products in your business.

ANNABIS Natural Cannabis products

What does our online CBD training consist of?

Access the training sessions available in a private area, which you can access by providing us with your professional data, and take these 30-minute sessions. approx. in which we go deep into each of the laboratories we represent.

We tell you how each laboratory works, we explain each product (properties, indications, doses, etc.), its legal framework and particularities, we talk about the difference between the different ingredients that come from cannabis and its synergy with other natural ingredients and, of course, we answer all your questions.

When do these online training sessions take place?

We conduct monthly trainings. These are free online training sessions for all our customers and those interested in offering this new category of Cannabis products in their business.

We plan 1 or 2 sessions per month in which you can be updated on product news and improvements, application and prescription recommendations, specific questions. In case you want to sign up for a session and be updated on future trainings, register in the following form and you will receive notices of each training we organize, as always online and free.

Why do we recommend these trainings?

These training sessions are a convenient and free opportunity to keep up to date on products and uses of Cannabis for health, beauty and natural wellness.

Can I see previous trainings if I am unable to attend?

Yes! Once you register, you will access a gallery with the Cannabis and CBD trainings we have done so far. If you are unable to attend the training at the scheduled time, you will be able to access the training at a later time with your registration and take the deferred training at the time that suits you best.


How can I register and access them?

In case you want to register to access the webinars and be updated on future trainings, register in the following form and you will receive notices of each training that we organize, as always online and free.



Request for access to Cannabis online trainings

Do you want to access the video-trainings on a delayed basis? Were you unable to attend the previous trainings? Register in the following form and get immediate access to the training videos of previous sessions completely free of charge. We will also keep you informed of upcoming live training dates.

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