Frequently Asked Questions

We solve the main doubts that may arise about our hemp oil-based products, their applications and recommendations for use. If there are any questions that arise that are not listed below, please contact us directly and we will answer them as soon as possible.
Which product is best suited for the treatment of pain?

The different products indicated for joint or muscle pain come in different formats and textures. We always recommend one or the other depending on the application. For example, the gel formats are more easily applied and absorbed than the ointment format, with a more unctuous and greasy texture. Arthrocann for example allows a discreet use at any time of the day, while Dolorcann is more recommended for a night application comfortably at home.

What is the difference between Arthrocann, Hemp Gel and Dolorcann?

We recommend Hemp Gel for pain in larger areas thanks to its large format, applying it with a massage and even to start or end a physiotherapeutic or chiromassage treatment. Arthrocann, on the other hand, is ideal for treating more localized pain. Dolorcann, finally, has a denser texture, which allows a more extensive massage thanks to its greasy texture and its slow penetration, which extends its action for a longer time.

Is there a maximum number of applications for Arthrocann Heat Effect?
It is not recommended to use Arthrocann Heat Effect more than twice a day. This is due to the component that produces the sensation of heat: capsaicin. An abusive use of this component may produce secondary skin reactions, such as redness or irritation. We always recommend that the application conditions of each product be respected.
What is the difference between BALCANN and BALCANN Oak Bark ointments?

BALCANN Oak Bark Ointment is indicated for the treatment of very cracked, scratched or chafed skin and even hemorrhoids, thanks to its astringent properties, encouraging tissue proteins to strengthen and fortifying the vascular walls. Oak tannin soothes inflamed tissues, especially indicated after diarrhea or to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. While BALCANN Damaged Skin is more recommended for superficial skin conditions such as redness, eczema, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks and ichthyosis, a severe dryness and flaking of the skin.

How should I use ORCANN mouthwash?
ORCANN can be used either for daily rinses or for direct treatment of the oral condition. In the first case, the technical recommendation is to dilute between 10 and 15 drops in 5cl of warm water, that is to say, more or less in a shot glass. With this measure, the product is enough for about 3 liters of rinsing. On the other hand, for direct application on sores, canker sores or gum irritations, it is recommended to apply the product directly with a cotton swab on the affected area, without diluting it.
What are the benefits of colloidal silver in VARICANN?
People who suffer from poor circulation in the legs often have very dry skin, which causes the skin to crack and can lead to superficial wounds that, if left untreated, can develop into ulcers. Colloidal silver is a very potent natural antibiotic agent that disinfects the superficial wound produced by this skin condition. In this way, the use of VARICANN improves circulation, relieves the feeling of tired legs and improves the appearance of the skin.
What benefits does the BODYCANN line provide?
The BODYCANN bath and shower line allows those suffering from hypersensitive or atopic skin problems to be treated with a natural shampoo and a gel with coconut extract as a natural foaming agent, two products that protect against dryness and irritation. In addition, the shampoo is especially indicated for the treatment of dandruff or flaking.
What products are recommended for the treatment of psoriasis or sensitive skin?
KIDS & BABIES shampoo and shower gel is specially designed for children’s and babies’ skin, but also for the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis on the body or scalp. Calendula as a natural ingredient provides a soothing effect to relieve the itching sensation. It is also recommended to apply the Body Milk after bathing to achieve a soothing effect in the treatment of gouty psoriasis, spread all over the body.