Marketing Guide

At Annabis we work continuously so that our clients and collaborators can offer the therapeutic benefits of hemp to all those people who we can offer an improvement in the quality of life.

As the brand’s point of sale, we would like to give you some recommendations to ensure a good presentation and introduction of the brand to your customers. These are 3 basic aspects in relation to product exposure, support materials and, last but not least, product prescription.

1. Exhibition and product presentation

annabis-arthrocannAs a main recommendation, we always recommend allocating a space of 0.5m-1m properly marked in a visible area of the store, preferably on a shelf located at eye level, in a cool and dry area where it does not receive direct light to ensure the proper preservation of the product.

The location on a shelf is the most common and recommended in order to offer customers a close, palpable and accessible product presentation where they can browse through the different leaflets and product indications.

Try to place the boxes or product packaging in an orderly manner in which it is possible to read the product indications in the language of your customers (in this case in Spanish) and displaying a certain amount of product so that the visual impact is greater. You can combine the sample boxes in the way that suits you best to occupy more or less space.

In terms of product variety and organization, it is recommended to display 70% of the products in the catalog to achieve a joint brand impact that can capture the attention of your customers and can recommend the most suitable product for their ailment.

Promotional support materials

annabis-materialPlace the promotional materials enclosed in your order in full view of your customers. We have several materials to place on the counter (table tent, promotional brochures and consultation catalog) as well as in the showcase (50×70 display).

Use them to give greater visibility to the product and communicate the natural solution they offer for the treatment of different common or chronic health problems.

In case you do not have them, ask us and we will help you as much as possible so that you can ‘dress’ your space and give an outlet to the line.

3. Product prescription

Annabis products are focused on health care, either for people with a specific problem, chronic or specific, that we can alleviate with the natural properties of hemp, or for regular use for the prevention of certain health problems.

For this purpose, we attach a material called PRESCRIPTOR’S MANUAL where the most suitable products are presented according to the most common conditions. It should be noted that the Annabis product line differs from any other natural product thanks to the synergy of hemp with other natural substances already known, but we must convey to customers the maximum information regarding hemp and its negative confusion with the plant of the same species pejoratively called ‘marijuana’.

Remember that our products do not have any type of psychoactive effect, since hemp oil and seed extract are parts of the plant with a THC content of less than 0.2% according to the law, and in their topical application they do not have any type of ‘high’ effect.